Introduction of Valve Positioner

The valve positioner is divided into pneumatic valve positioner, electro pneumatic valve  positioner and smart valve positioner according to the structure. It is the main accessory of the control valve. It is usually used in conjunction with the pneumatic control valve. It receives the output signal of the regulator and then uses its The output signal is used to control the pneumatic control valve. When the control valve is actuated, the displacement of the valve stem is fed back to the valve positioner through the mechanical device, and the valve position status is transmitted to the upper system through the electric signal.Valve positioners can be divided into pneumatic valve positioners, electro-pneumatic valve positioners, and intelligent valve positioners according to their structure and working principle. The valve positioner can increase the output power of the regulating valve, reduce the lag in the transmission of the regulating signal, accelerate the movement speed of the valve stem, improve the linearity of the valve, overcome the friction of the valve stem and eliminate the influence of unbalanced force. So as to ensure the correct positioning of the regulating valve.



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